Rocaltrol (Calcitriol)
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Product description: Rocaltrol is an active form of vitamin D. It is used to treat calcium deficiency with hypoparathyroidism and metabolic bone disease in people with chronic kidney failure.
Active Ingredient: Calcitriol
Rocaltrol as known as: Calcijex, Silkis

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Miembro Consejo Directivo la nuclear feldene fast sublingual 20. Dilantin ohne rezeptphenytoin 100mggenerikum dilantin dient zur behandlung tonisch tionischer grand mal anf lle es dient auch rocaltrol zur pr vention und behandlung von anf llen w hrend oder nach hirnoperationen oder operationen am nervensystem. These tablets are thoroughly tested on various quality parameters in order to provide safe to consume tablets. Check with your doctor immediately if any of the following side effects occur while taking danazol for both females and males less common acne dark colored urine increased oiliness of the hair or skin muscle cramps or spasms rapid weight gain swelling of the feet canada or lower legs unusual tiredness or weakness rare bleeding gums bloating, pain, or tenderness of the abdomen or stomach blood in the urine burning, numbness, pain, or tingling in all fingers except the smallest finger changes in vision chest pain chills complete or partial numbness or weakness on one side of body cough coughing up blood diarrhea difficulty with speaking difficulty with swallowing discharge from the nipple eye pain fast heartbeat fever headache hives or other skin rash joint pain light colored stools loss of appetite continuing loss of muscle coordination more frequent nosebleeds muscle aches nausea purple or red colored, or other spots on the body or inside the mouth or nose restlessness shortness of breath sore throat sweating tingling, numbness, or weakness in the legs, which may move upward to the arms, trunk, or face unusual bruising or bleeding fast unusual tiredness, weakness, or general feeling of illness vomiting yellow eyes or skin for females only more common decrease in the breast size irregular menstrual periods weight gain rare enlarged clitoris no hoarseness or deepening of voice unnatural hair growth for males only rare changes in semen decrease in the size of the testicles some side effects of danazol may occur that usually do not need medical prescription attention.

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